Sinicki never stop stretching

Exciting Things Are Happening

Did you miss me? I missed you. It’s been a long while since I posted. So let me catch you up quickly– In May, I gave myself the ultimate gift. I gave myself permission to make travel and creating art a priority in my life. This is big for me. BIG! For the first time…
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The Juggler Lisa Sinicki comic

This Is What Being Busy Feels Like

A single-panel comic. It says read more, but there isn’t any more!
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Unanticipated consequences are a bitch

I can’t even start to tell you how many times something that seemed like a good idea at the time backfired on me. Or how many times I did something to please someone else that didn’t work out. I was going to share some examples, but they’re just too embarrassing! What have you wanted that…
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I’ve got my Web MD Lisa Sinicki

The perks of earning your web MD

A few days ago, I woke up at 4am. I must have dreamed about my mother because before I even knew what I was doing I’d reached out, grabbed my phone, opened Google and typed in “breast cancer.”
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Return of the Idea Fairy

Inspiration always seems to strike at the worst times. Like when I’m late for an appointment or about to go into a meeting. I’m always sure I’ll remember the idea later–but I never do. The Idea Fairy can be a fickle friend.
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guilt deflector Lisa Sinicki comic 1

The Guilt Deflector

This is a four-panel comic.
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Lisa Sinicki comic if vegetables could seek justice

If vegetables could seek justice…

This is a single-panel comic. There isn’t any more than this.
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A Visit From the Idea Fairy (comic)

This is a 10-panel comic.
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I’m experimenting with techniques to quiet my mind

My presentation coach, Vicki Flier Hudson, suggested this one. You pretend you’re sitting on the edge of the river and that your thoughts are floating by on rafts. As the thoughts float by, you acknowledge them but try not to react. How do you quiet the voices in your head?      
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BoBo Wilkes- Sensitive Narcissist

I spent a week at the Sequential Artists Workshop learning from cartoonist Laura Park. I got really excited about this project and started thinking, wouldn’t it be fun to turn lots of my friends’ bad date stories into cartoons? Let me know if you’d like to contribute. I’m thinking Big Book of Bad Boyfriends. Or maybe…
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