Self Sabotage spin

My 59th birthday gift to myself: more self compassion

Hello friend, My 59th birthday is coming up fast. Which, of course, has me thinking about my 60th birthday.  What do I want to achieve between now and then?  How can I, by the time I turn 60, become a better version of myself? Being The Queen of the Chronic Overthinkers as I am, I…
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The Glass Is–A Comic

Are you a glass half-full person–or a glass half-empty person? I was raised by a father who didn’t think there was any glass at all. This is a 9-panel comic.
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Shorts Shopping (comic)

Have you ever gone shopping with a teenaged girl? It can be a grueling process…
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The Juggler Lisa Sinicki comic

This Is What Being Busy Feels Like

A single-panel comic. It says read more, but there isn’t any more!
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the next time she saw her ex preview sinicki

The Next Time She Ran Into Her Ex

This was an assignment for a class I took through the Sequential Artists Workshop. The assignment was to create a fictional comic based on an embarrassing experience. I tried to capture how all of the observers have a role in the drama whether they speak or not.
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walk in desert 1 Lisa Sinicki

A Walk in the Desert and Cactus Awe

    What sorts of places do you find inspiring?
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This is what happens when I over-commit

How do you respond when you take on too much?
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The Five Stages of Grief

If you’re wondering what the five stages of grief have to do with ice cream, you’ve probably never had your favorite flavor disappear from the grocery store shelf. When it comes to ice cream flavors, I tend to get into ruts. There was an entire year in the early 1990s when I’d only eat Ben…
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