BoBo Wilkes- Sensitive Narcissist

I spent a week at the Sequential Artists Workshop learning from cartoonist Laura Park. I got really excited about this project and started thinking, wouldn’t it be fun to turn lots of my friends’ bad date stories into cartoons? Let me know if you’d like to contribute. I’m thinking Big Book of Bad Boyfriends. Or maybe…
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Lisa Sinicki Pavlov's person

Less Evolved Than We Think

I’ve been trying to check my email less often lately and it’s hard. I’m afraid I’ll miss something important or keep someone waiting. I tell myself that by checking email frequently, I’m being responsive and responsible. But perhaps that’s not it at all. Perhaps it’s just the way I’ve been trained. This is a two-panel comic.
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Lisa Sinicki Cartoon

Communicating in Code

The night before my mother’s PET Scan I watched my parents bicker. Their spoken words were about an old family friend’s dog. Their tones, harsh. But after 50 years of observation, I’ve cracked their code. Their impatience and annoyance are a mask. What they are really feeling is fear. I roll my eyes at the…
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The Girl Under the Bookcase (graphic memoir, part 1)

Everyone has a moment of shame and humiliation that they revisit now and then. A place they go back to whenever they’ve done something they wish they hadn’t. For me, that big moment occurred late in the fall of 1979 when I was 15 years old. What made this moment so memorably awful was two-fold.…
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Chronic Overthinker’s Vacation Day 1

A chronic overthinker’s vacation is anything but relaxing. I don’t know about you, but my Demons come with me on vacation–which means I don’t get a minute of peace. Does this happen to you?   This is a single-panel comic.
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Internal demons last day of vacation

You Know It’s The Last Day of Vacation When…

It happens every time I go on vacation. After six days of internal wrangling (“No Worrier, it’s not time to check email again.” “No, Driver we don’t need to go to the gym today.”) everything starts to settle down. Unfortunately that usually means that it’s time to go home. I used to have a boss, Bill…
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Lisa Sinicki Demons 2.0

Chronic Overthinker’s Demons 2.0

As you can see from this image, I’ve given my Demons an upgrade. Yes, they now have bodies and they’re no longer all the same height. Each now has sort of his or her own way of moving and appears in side and rear view–rather than always facing forward. Demons 2.0. This is what I…
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Hair envy circa 1979

Who didn’t want to have soft feathered hair like Valerie Bertinell? (This is a single-panel comic.)
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Thank You to Elizabeth Gilbert for the Big Idea

Creating something new is often a process of connecting the dots. You start with something you see or hear, which reminds you of something else, which makes you remember a third thing you stored in your brain ages ago and—voila—an idea is born. The inspiration for my demons was a passage in Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.…
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