Hair envy circa 1979

Who didn’t want to have soft feathered hair like Valerie Bertinell? (This is a single-panel comic.)
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Lisa Sinicki Demon family tree

My Demon Family Tree

Every one of my Demons has a very important purpose. They are what makes me successful and they are also at the root of most of my angst. The trick is to learn not to react to what they tell me until I’ve thought through whether they are giving me good advice or getting me…
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Thank You to Elizabeth Gilbert for the Big Idea

Creating something new is often a process of connecting the dots. You start with something you see or hear, which reminds you of something else, which makes you remember a third thing you stored in your brain ages ago and—voila—an idea is born. The inspiration for my demons was a passage in Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.…
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My Most Embarrassing Moment

The first story I’m writing is about the time when I hid under a teacher’s bookcase one morning before high school. Yes. It was an incredibly stupid and embarrassing thing to do. So stupid and embarrassing that I still think about it now. In a sense, I carried the bookcase with me for the next…
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So What’s Up With The Demons?

I’m very excited–I’m writing stories via a combo of cartoons and prose. And I’ve decided to be brave and “Create out loud,” as Sara Bray would say, by posting my stories directly to the web. Graphic memoir is the best descriptor for what I’m doing. The stars of my stories are my survival instincts–or Internal Demons,…
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lisa sinicki inner demon art

They’re Almost Here

These are the stars of my new stories. Can’t wait to introduce you to them!
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line art inner demons

I’m Making Progress

I’m learning to use Sketchbook Pro. Making progress every day.
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blueline sketches internal demons

I’m Working on Something New

I’m not ready to share the details yet, but this project has required that I re-learn to draw a bit. I can’t tell you how excited I am about it. More next week…    
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Lobster Lover (essay)

This essay was originally published in the Island Times in 2011. I live on a small Maine island, so earwig bugs aren’t the only things that crawl out of the woodwork in summer. Everyone I’ve ever known comes to visit—from Great Aunt Edna’s cousin Alan, to the guy who called me “Lisa Pizza” in kindergarten.…
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A Chocolate Affair (essay)

Published 2-14-2011 in Northeast Flavor When I got to the chocolate shop, I felt a wave of doubt vibrate through my stomach. This is a mistake, I certainly don’t need these calories. Knowing that it would probably end in regret, I resisted with all my might. But the lure of the tiny glistening cubes, pyramids…
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