If Liam Neeson were the queue monitor at Disneyland

Liam taken queue monitor Lisa Sinicki comics

If Liam Neeson were the queue monitor at Disneyland–nobody would cut the line. NOBODY!


Why am I thinking about this? Because I’m going to be giving a new presentation and workshop at EXHIBITORLIVE! this year. The session is called: Exercise Your Demons: Use Humor to Make Yourself Happier, Less Stressed and More Productive and it’s about using humor…    (and possibly some crude sketching) to dilute your inner bullies’/voices’ power.


I needed to come up with a metaphor that explained how our inner voices all serve a purpose–to protect us–but they tend to go way overboard.* Liam Neeson’s alter ego from the movie Taken, Bryan Mills, overseeing the queue at a theme park makes the perfect representation.


If you’d like me to present Exercise your Demons for your group, shoot me an email at Lisa (at) LisaSinicki (dot) com.


*The story here is that the voices can’t tell the difference between life-threatening situations and minor annoyances, so they respond exactly the same to all situations as shown in the illustration below. Therefore, it’s up to each of us to employ our conscious minds to stop and take a deep breath and determine just how dire the situation is BEFORE we react.

real or perceived threat Lisa Sinicki comics


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