The Five Stages of Grief

If you’re wondering what the five stages of grief have to do with ice cream, you’ve probably never had your favorite flavor disappear from the grocery store shelf. When it comes to ice cream flavors, I tend to get into ruts. There was an entire year in the early 1990s when I’d only eat Ben…
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Liam Neeson taken queue monitor Lisa Sinicki comics

If Liam Neeson were the queue monitor at Disneyland

If Liam Neeson were the queue monitor at Disneyland–nobody would cut the line. NOBODY!   Why am I thinking about this? Because I’m going to be giving a new presentation and workshop at EXHIBITORLIVE! this year. The session is called: Exercise Your Demons: Use Humor to Make Yourself Happier, Less Stressed and More Productive and it’s…
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guilt deflector Lisa Sinicki comic 1

The Guilt Deflector

This is a four-panel comic.
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