You Know It’s The Last Day of Vacation When…

Internal demons last day of vacation

It happens every time I go on vacation. After six days of internal wrangling (“No Worrier, it’s not time to check email again.” “No, Driver we don’t need to go to the gym today.”) everything starts to settle down.

Unfortunately that usually means that it’s time to go home.

I used to have a boss, Bill Moore, who insisted that people should always take two consecutive weeks of vacation. His theory was that it takes a week just to get into relax mode–and therefore you needed the second week to enjoy it. Of course I never listened because there were too many places I wanted to go to throw away those precious ten days out of the office on a single trip. Five four-day weekends was what I considered the way to do it.

But now that I’m, um, middle aged, I see that he was absolutely right.


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