Bald Headed Woman–The Musical

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bald headed women

I mention this “performance” in the story I’m working on. Yes, I actually stood up in front of 100 people and sang. Wearing a bald cap. Here are the words (with apologies to the BeeGees and love to Barbie M.).

I still remember all of the words, so I’m sharing.

Bald Headed Woman
Sung to the tune of More than A Woman

Girl I know your head so well, I’ve seen it almost every place,
I never even looked for it, But it kept popping up anyway.
Suddenly it was in my life, a part of every day and night,
I even shaved my own head too, just trying to keep a hold on you.

Here with your head I’ve found my paradise. My only chance for happiness. And if your hair grew back I think I would die.
So say you’ll always keep it shaved, your head sure does shine. I’ll even come and shave it for you any day or time.

(In falsetto) Wooohoooo!
Bald-headed woman. Bald-headed woman to me.
Bald-headed woman. Bald-headed woman to me.


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