what Carlie meant to me

The Girl Under the Bookcase (Part 2)

You’re probably wondering how Carlie had become so important to me so quickly. Quite simply, just like I’d done with P, I’d instantly made Carlie into my savior, my world. Before Carlie and I had become friends, I’d always liked her—even envied her. We hadn’t gone to the same school until this year, but we…
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The Girl Under the Bookcase (Part 3)

The events that led up to my unfortunate decision went like this: First, Carlie started to make plans that didn’t include me. I didn’t understand what was happening, couldn’t remember anything specific that I’d done. The story that I told myself was that it had to do with the fact that I’d become increasingly depressed…
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The Girl Under the Bookcase (Part 4)

From what I remember, I spent the rest of that day alone, avoiding my classmates, hiding my shame. I wanted to go home sick, but I didn’t dare. I felt bad enough already. As I walked to my next class, I waited for the inevitable teasing. I new what to expect: ostracized. Excommunicated. Banished.I would…
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